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PTP Scoreboard
2020 Prime Time Player
Top 5 Standings
NFL Playoffs Pool, #1 of 7
Ron Corbin #1 280pts
 Don McCannon #1 -5
John Bergeron #1 -18
Joseph Rura #1 -18
Bill Moisuk #1 -31


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Wall of Champions

2019 Prime Time Player
Ron Corbin

2020 NFL Playoffs Pool
Kathy Renna

2020 March Madness Pool
No Pool (Covid-19)

2020 Madness Sweet 16 Pool
No Pool (Covid-19)

2020 NFL Draft Pool
Robert Deckard

2019 MLB Keeper League
Mickey Mantle League
Steve Darden

2019 MLB Keeper League
Ty Cobb League
Juiced Ball Heroes
Jacob Rhoad

2019 Fantasy Nascar League
Ryan's Rockets
David Corbin

2019 College Football Picks
Don McCannon

2019 NFL Keeper League
Walter Payton League
808 Giants
Clarence Sardinha

2019 NFL Keeper League
Barry Sanders League
808 Warriors
Clarence Sardinha

2019 NFL Picks Pool
Darryl Smith

2019 NFL Survivor Pool
John Bergeron

2019 NFL Mid Season Survivor
Richard Passannante

2019 College Bowls Pool
Mohammed Saleh